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Mitzvites brings elegance and grace along with next generation internet technology to fill the void for formal online invitations. Elite artist artwork set in a high resolution, full screen format has achieved an invitation presentation required for the most formal occasions. With features such as user uploaded video or photography, save the dates, cloud based guest management, and expanded event details, online invitations have finally achieved a level fit for royalty yet accessible to all.

The tradition of sending formal invitations is centuries old. In the beginning formal invitations were a luxury reserved for royalty and aristocracy. After all creating an invitation required education and penmanship. Paper was not easy to come by either. The printing press had not yet been invented so each invitation was hand crafted by an artist and calligrapher placed in a handmade envelope and sealed with wax. There was no postal service so invitations were carried by servants and hand delivered to guests. It took two more centuries for invitations to go mainstream. With the advent of the printing press, invitations could be mass produced. Coupled with a low cost postal service invitations became accessible to all by the mid 20th century. Not a lot changed in the design or delivery method of invitations for the next 70 years. Then came the Internet and with it the viability of online invitations. By this time invitations fell into two categories. Formal invitations and informal invitations. Formal invitations were reserved for formal events such as weddings, award ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, and bar mitzvah and bat mitzvahs and as such can be expensive due to custom design, paper, and printing. Conversely invitations for informal occasions such as birthday parties, holiday parties, and other casual events are typically mass produced and low cost.  It is the latter invitation that went online, en mass, through the first generation of online invitations services.  These free, advertising based online invitations services cater perfectly to the need for low cost informal invitations where speed and convenience matter more then style and presentation.  Unfortunately there has not been a online equivalent for the formal invitation, until now.  Say hello to Mitzvites.

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