Can I design my own invitation?


If you’d like to design your own invitation, you are welcome to submit a background image to us and we’ll be happy to put that into an invitation for you. To do so, please follow these steps.

1.  The first thing for you to do is browse our invitations and pick a text style from one of them and tell me which one you’ve chosen.

2.  Then, attach your background image to this email and send it off to us.  I can then place your background image into an invitation with the text style that you like and you’ll now have your own custom invitation to work with.

Required dimensions are 1140px wide by 660px high. Please send your background image in .jpeg or .png format.

We are not available to customize your invitation any further than this so if you’d like to move forward, I would choose an invitation design from our site first where you like the text treatments (and photos or video if you are looking at those invitations) and then design your background. That way you will know where the invitation content is going before you start designing your background.

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