I’m torn. I want to use Mitzvites but I have a few guests who prefer a traditional paper invitation.


This is a scenario that we hear often so we wanted to share with you a solution that other clients of ours are using who are in the same position.

They decided to use Mitzvites for 90% of their guest list to get their Mitzvah invitations out as quickly as possible.  For the other 10% who either are a) more traditional or b) do not have email, they sent a traditional paper invitation to them.  They saved a lot of money by not having to do a full run of paper invitations and they took care of everyone in their own unique way.

The other way that we can help you is to create a PDF file of your invitation when it is complete and we can email that file to you. Then you can take it to your local print shop to print the number of copies that you need to mail and now all of your guests have the same invitation!

We understand that the idea of sending Bar Mitzvah invitations and Bat Mitzvah invitations online is a new concept to some and we are here to help you solve even the most complex issues you may come up with when sending online Mitzvah invitations.

As an example, a recent client used Mitzvites to manage three different events with three unique guest lists.  They were thrilled that we were able to customize a scenario for them that saved  time, a lot of money and their sanity.

If you find yourself in this situation, please contact Mitzvites Client Services and we’ll do our best to help in any way we can.

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