Mitzvites Online Bat Mitzvah Video Invitation Sample

Mitzvites Online Bat Mitzvah Video Invitation Sample – Click to Play

About Video Invitations

Video invitations are invitations featuring a pre recorded video or animated message.  A video message delivers powerful emotions such as joy, excitement, humor, and sincerity in a way that is not possible to convey in a static textual invitation. It seems obvious today that a video message is a superior way to deliver a personal invitation, but until now video invitations have been quite rare due to costly and limited video recording and distribution methods. Thanks to modern technology video is easily captured and instantly shared through cloud enabled devices at home or on the go. Video invitations are now a reality that is ready and available to you for your next big occasion. View an example of an online Bar Mitzvah video invitation here.

Creating a Video Invitation

There are many ways to create your video invitation.  Just about every smart phone, tablet, or computer has a built in video recorder.  A video invitation does not need to be an elaborate production worthy of an academy award.  In fact the best video invitations are simple recordings without any edits that come from where it counts – the heart.  Simply point, click record, and start talking and you are on your way to your first video invitation.  For those super creative types videos can be much more elaborate by using film making techniques and digital editing tools like iMovie to produce something like this Bar Mitzvah invitation video.

Distributing Your Video Invitation

Once the video is recorded it can be inserted into an email, uploaded to YouTube, or even shared on Facebook or Instagram. But that only gives you a stand alone video without the look of a real invitation or a way to manage RSVPs.  With Mitzvites you can insert your video into a proper invitation design giving you the best of both worlds, a traditional invitation presentation with a cutting edge video punch.  Mitzvites also allows you to personalize your invitation, create a guest list, send a Save The Date, add invitation content such as meal options and directions, and manage and track your RSVPs.  View more video invitations here for some ideas.

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