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A Mitzvite is a beautiful online Bar, Bat, or B’nai Mitzvah invitation presented by a state-of-the-art cloud based online application.

Mitzvites brings elegance and grace along with next generation internet technology to fill the void for formal online invitations. Elite artist creations set in a high resolution, full screen format has achieved an invitation presentation required for the most formal occasions. With features such as user uploaded video or photography, save the dates, cloud based guest management, and expanded event details, online invitations have finally achieved a level fit for royalty yet accessible to all.

With Mitzvites you can

  1. Easily create and send online Save the Dates
  2. Create a Text, Photo or Video invitation
  3. Add Location Information and Menu Preferences for your Guests to select
  4. Easily manage your guest list and RSVPs
  5. Provide an easy-to-use, high-class concierge service for your guests
  6. And much, much more.
  7. Provide a refreshing 100% advertising free invitation presentation to your guests. Mitzvites will NEVER feature advertising anywhere.

Yes you can! Mitzvites is free to try so choose a beautiful invitation design, enter your invitation content, upload a photo or a video, enter your guest list, preview your invitation, all for free! We want to make sure you’re 100% happy with your invitation so we do not ask you to pay until you are ready to send your invitations.

Mitzvites is not free for a number of reasons.

  1. Free invitation sites are not really free. They use your event to make money off of the advertising plastered around your invitation. The more guests you have, the more they make.  In our opinion advertising on a Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation is less than ideal.
  2. Mitzvites is 100% ad free.
    • We do not display advertising banners on your invitations, ever!

Mitzvites is built by people just like you.

  1. Although, Mitzvites our founders are internet pioneers, they are traditional at heart and understand how important the presentation of a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah invitation is. The highest priority was placed on the artistic quality of our invitation design portfolio.
  2. Mitzvites employs the highest level of software developers and artists to capture the tradition, elegance, personality, and character that capture and embody the true spirit of the Jewish invitation tradition.
    • We invite you to compare the quality of our designs against any online invitation service and we are confident that our invitations are a cut above the rest.
  3. Mitzvites is laser focused and devoted solely to Jewish Bar, Bat and B’Nai Mitzvah’s and nothing else, unlike the other online invitation services.

Yes we can! This is one of the exciting features that sets Mitzvites above all the rest for your online Mitzvah invitation planning.

Our “Additional Events” section gives you the flexibility to add up to four additional events to your invitation. Having a kiddish dinner the night before the big day? No problem! How about a Game Night party for just the kids after the event? Done! Adding multiple events to your invitation is easy and all inclusive with your paid Mitzvites account. No extra charges, no surprises.

Here’s how easy it is to add Additional Events to your Mitzvites invitation.

Start by logging into your Mitzvites account and clicking on the “Event Options” tab. Once there, you will see a tab for “Additional Events“. Simply enter a title and a description for up to four additional events and you can then set whether you’d like to Track RSVPs for each event as well. Once you are finished, click the “Save and Next” button to the lower right.

Now you are on your Guest List page. Easily assign guests to event(s) they are invited to by clicking the “Assign Events” button and clicking the appropriate checkboxes for each event. When this step is done and your invitations are sent, each guest only sees the event(s) they are invited to that you set up in this “Assign Events” section.

Now click “Preview” and you’ll see what your invitation will look like. If you click “RSVP Now” you will see that your main menu contains an “Additional Events” tab that your guests can click on and will feature the information that you entered in the steps above.

Then, click the “RSVP” tab and you’ll see that “Step 2: Additional Events” is now inserted into your invitation so your guests can RSVP for your Additional Events as well! All of the Additional Event RSVP numbers will be tallied in your RSVP Received email and in your online reporting pages so you’ll always be up-to-date and in charge of your event numbers at all times.

No they will not. Mitzvites is a private service and your guests will only see their specific invitation. You (the event creator) are the only one who will have full access to your guest list.

Unfortunately we do not offer phone support. We’re a small company with limited resources, and we’re much better equipped to respond to your questions via this ticketing system and our FAQ page on our website. The folks replying to your questions are the same people who actually built and maintain Mitzvites so we’ll do our best to get you an answer as quickly as we can.

Our invitations never expire. If you are planning ahead and want to start your invitation now and finish it up in a couple of months when your event gets closer, go for it! We will save all of your work and will take you back right where you left off when you log back in again to your Mitzvites account.

And best of all, it’s free to create your invitation! So choose a beautiful invitation design, enter your invitation content, enter your guest list, all for free. You do not need to pay until you are ready to send your invitations.

We sure do! Mitzvites automatically sends out RSVP Reminder emails 7 days before your RSVP Deadline Date and Event Reminder emails 5 days before your event.

Click “Get Started” at the top of any page on the website and choose “Create Mitzvite” or “Create Save the Date.”

  1. Our easy-to-use wizard let’s you move step-by-step through the process at your own pace. You can stop anytime and Mitzvites will save your work and be ready when you are to work again.

Yes you can! The cost is $49 and all you have to do to get started is click here to submit a support request and we’ll get rolling on creating a second invitation for you right away.

Yes.  This allows Mitzvites to save your work for you as you create.  You can simply do this in one click with the “Sign in with Facebook” button or easily enter your username and password to get started.

This is a scenario that we hear often so we wanted to share with you a solution that other clients of ours are using who are in the same position.

They decided to use Mitzvites for 90% of their guest list to get their Mitzvah invitations out as quickly as possible.  For the other 10% who either are a) more traditional or b) do not have email, they sent a traditional paper invitation to them.  They saved a lot of money by not having to do a full run of paper invitations and they took care of everyone in their own unique way.

The other way that we can help you is to create a PDF file of your invitation when it is complete and we can email that file to you. Then you can take it to your local print shop to print the number of copies that you need to mail and now all of your guests have the same invitation!

We understand that the idea of sending Bar Mitzvah invitations and Bat Mitzvah invitations online is a new concept to some and we are here to help you solve even the most complex issues you may come up with when sending online Mitzvah invitations.

As an example, a recent client used Mitzvites to manage three different events with three unique guest lists.  They were thrilled that we were able to customize a scenario for them that saved  time, a lot of money and their sanity.

If you find yourself in this situation, please contact Mitzvites Client Services and we’ll do our best to help in any way we can.

Mitzvites Client Services
Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm PST
Use our simple Contact Form

Yes! For a limited time, so create your free Save the Dates and send them today! No obligations!

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